Selasa, 11 Ogos 2009

"Not much to know about me," kata Pak Min

Saya mungkin antara orang yang paling gembira mendengar Pak Amin kembali aktif sebagai bloggers setelah sekian lama tidak menulis. Beliau hadir melalui blog yang merupakan blog terbaru beliau. Saya kira beliau antara orang yang awal terbabit dalam dunia blog melalui blognya
yang sayangnya tidak lagi aktif.Blog itu merakam kegiatannya sepanjang menjadi pejuang bahasa ibunda di peringkat antarabangsa dan sekitar kegiatannya sebagai Naib Presiden Parlimen Komanwel dan sebagainya. Tetapi kehadirannya dalam blog yang terbaru ini, amat bermanfaat terutamanya jika kita menelusuri kegiatan dan programnya sebagai speaker parlimen Malaysia.

Siapakah Pak Min? Beliau menulis begini ""Not much to know about me. I was born in a poor family in a remote kampung in the District of Kota Belud, Sabah in 1955. I still go back to that kampung almost every week end. I have a kampung upbringing and mentality tempered with a good education in Egland. I know the feeling of being poor and being well off. I also know the feeling of being in the minority living with the majority as I was born in an Iranun community which is about 25 thousand out of 27 million of Malaysian. Certainly I know how its feel to be in the majority as I am a member of UMNO the biggest political party in Malaysia. I can eat any type of food so long as it is halal. I can live in any remote setting and in any busiest city in the world. I have led a political party (BN component) as a president and upon disolving that party on my on accord I joined UMNO as an ordinary member. I have been in the opposition side of politics and I have been in the government both state and federal levels. I have been a backbencher, minister as well as a Speaker of a State Assembly. I was a already a State Assemblyman at the age of 27. Now I am the Speaker of Malaysian House of Representatives. I wish to be called as Pa'Min."

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